1964 TO 1974 South East Asian Veterans who supported Vietnam

From 1964 to 1974 Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos were saturated with 4 chemicals: The first was the mosquito killer they sprayed over the areas. (It effects the body and blood in humans. Its effects can stay dormant for up to 30 years. This spray was banned from use in the United States.) I now have a rare blood disorder. The second was a defoliant called Agent White (Not to be confused with agent orange) Agent White effects the Auto-immune System and can stay dormant for up to 35 years. (Can cause MS, MD, MG, and effect the Thymus Gland and Lymphatic system) I now have Myasthenia Gravis (MG) and developed a mutated Thymus gland which restricted my growth, etc..
The third was another defoilant called agent blue. (No know effects on humans.)
Fourth was agent orange. (Cancer, Diabieties, etc..) Can stay dorman up to 30 years. (I am now a border line Diabetic.)

Hundreds of our K-9 four legged soldiers were destyroyed and burned in Thailand and other countries so that the proof would not show up when they got back to the US.

Many of us that served in SEA (South East Asia) in support of the Vienam war have been in contact with one or more of these sprays. It became evident that like our K-9 compadres, the government has denied any compensation for exposure to any of these chemicals. (The boots down in Vietnam clause for agent orange settlement) Well I have been exposed to mosquito spray, agent white, agent orange and now paying the price both physically and financially. If you worked the flight line, or was a part of the base or post security, or was part of the navy/coast guard, that traveld off the shores or waterways of Vietnam or SEA you could have been exposed. If you have been diagnoised with any of the above listed diseases or disorders, and served in SEA during the expressed time period, please contact me.
Include your full name, branch of service, rank, where you served, your MOS/AFSC or job you did there, and time period yr to yr. Please include an active email address and express if you want to file for compensation, and if I can list you on this web site. Also include your disability. It is time to stand tall and let congress and the white house that we will not be treated like K9 dogs.